Why Health&Fitness Market Doesn’t Work. WorkoutMe App Vision.

Aches and Pains of Health & Fitness Market

  • Trackers.
  • Ton of info or videos on how to do exercises right.
  • Goals monitoring.
  • Scheduling.
  • Motivational reminder-messaging.
Left: source 1 & source 2. Right: source.
  • ‘We’re waiting for you..” text-messaging.
  • Fitness classes for achieving your targets.
  • Clean towels.
  • Reward-type programs.
  • Front desk shining smiles.

Behavior or Pocket Impact?

Birth of a Habit

A loading phase

A supporting one

WorkoutMe Vision

CEO’s Story Through Social Facilitation

  1. Workout with a randomly matched person.
  2. Train by sending a special link to your friend.
  3. If previous alternatives are out of your comfort zone, you’ll be able to exercise alone.

Where We Are in the Identity Matrix

  1. Fitness-instructors free. What bugs us most is that the majority of them place themselves as the one and only source of motivation and inspiration. Sure thing some of them are cool dudes and awesome professionals and we will be glad to see them joining our community and bringing content that will make our users feel like RocknRollas.
  2. No short-term goals, aka “pump up by summer” or “lose weight”. Only long-term ones, like being able to run around and play basketball with grandkids.
  3. A community of real people who help each other in building a new healthy routine for themselves.
  4. A gamified atmosphere where you’ll be getting points to be at the TOP of various leaderboards.



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